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CRM - Colloquium

MIP* = RE Henry Yuen (University of Toronto)Friday, April 24, 20202:00 pm
Moduli spaces of geometric structures Sara Maloni (University of Virginia)Friday, March 6, 20202:30 pm
How to use topology to make basic ordinary differential equations complicated, and also make hard differential equations easy Andrew Lewis (Queens University)Friday, March 29, 20194:00 pm
Elastic Shape Analysis Eric Klassen (Florida State University)Friday, March 22, 20194:00 pm
Lagrangian submanifolds of Weinstein manifolds Baptiste Chantraine ()Friday, October 19, 20184:30 pm
Classical motives and applications Nikita Semenov (LMU Munich)Friday, September 28, 20182:30 pm
Post-quantum Algebraic Cryptography Delaram Kahrobaei (University of York, UK / CUNY, USA)Monday, September 17, 20181:00 pm
Random graphs, random tensors, and random matrices Benoit Collins (Kyoto University, Japan)Friday, August 10, 201810:30 am
Isoperimetric inequalities for eigenvalues Antoine Henrot (Universite de Lorraine, France)Friday, April 13, 20184:00 pm
The graph classes of gene orthology Manuel Lafond ()Friday, December 1, 20174:00 pm
Mathematical modeling for integration of ecological, epidemiological and environmental data to inform vector-borne disease management Jianhong Wu (Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, York University)Friday, November 24, 20174:00 pm
Convex Analysis on a Class of Matrix Support Functionals Tim Hoheisel (McGill University)Friday, November 3, 20174:00 pm
The graph classes of gene orthology Manuel Lafond ()Wednesday, November 1, 20173:30 pm
Combinatorics of Schubert varieties in representation theory Martina Lanini (University di Roma Tor Vergata)Friday, June 2, 201711:30 am
Models for cell signaling and regulation of cell shape Leah Edelstein-Keshet (Dept of Mathematics University of British Columbia)Friday, February 17, 20174:00 pm
Relative semi-stability for vector bundles Mihai Halic (CRM)Friday, January 27, 20174:00 pm
An algebraic version of the P vs NP problem: how to compare the permanent and the determinant Laurent Manivel (CRM, University of Montreal)Friday, October 3, 20143:30 pm
The Picard Theorem for complex analytic functions and a structure theory for compact complex manifold Steven Lu (UQAM)Friday, March 23, 20123:30 pm
Representation of integers by binary forms. Shabnam Akhtari (CRM Montreal)Friday, March 16, 20123:30 pm
Analysis of longitudinal data with selection effects due to dependent observation schemes Richard Cook (Waterloo)Friday, March 2, 20123:30 pm
Curvature of random metrics Dmitry Jakobson (McGill)Friday, January 20, 20123:30 pm
Inversion sets of permutations Ivan Dimitrov (Queen's)Friday, October 21, 20113:30 pm
Number-theoretic techniques in the theory of Lie groups and differential geometry Andrei Rapinchuk (Virginia)Friday, September 30, 20113:30 pm
Statistical Methods and Software for High-Throughput Gene Expression Experiments Using mRNA-Seq Sandrine Dudoit (University of California, Berkeley)Friday, April 15, 20113:30 pm
Gauge theory: from physics to mathematics and back Ugo Bruzzo (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)Friday, November 26, 20103:30 pm
Tropical Algebras Professor Louis Rowen (Bar llan University)Tuesday, August 24, 20102:30 pm

CRM - University of Ottawa Distinguished Lecture Series

Gelfand-Tsetlin Theory Vyacheslav Futorny (University of Sao Paulo)Friday, January 25, 20194:00 pm
Topology of Commuting Matrices Alejandro Adem (UBC)Friday, September 28, 20184:00 pm
On the tree and the homolology of SL2 over polynomial rings Fabien Morel (LMU Munich, Germany)Friday, October 6, 20174:00 pm
Modular forms and their special values Henri Darmon (McGill University)Friday, March 3, 20174:00 pm
Classification of maximal subalgebras of exceptional simple Lie algebras Alexander Premet (University of Manchester, UK)Friday, September 16, 20164:00 pm
Reinforcement Learning with Randomization, Memory, and Prediction Radford M. Neal (University of Toronto)Friday, April 22, 20164:00 pm
Adaptive MCMC For Everyone Jeffrey Rosenthal (University of Toronto)Friday, May 1, 20153:30 pm
Categories of C-star algebras subject to an action of a quantum group Stanislaw Lech Woronowicz (University of Warsaw)Friday, February 6, 20153:30 pm
Matrices almost of order two David Vogan (MIT)Friday, September 19, 20143:30 pm
Quadratic forms and geometry of numbers Yuri Tschinkel (Courant Institute, New York)Friday, September 5, 20143:00 pm
Three algebras arising from Multiple Zeta Values Michel Waldschmidt (Paris VI)Tuesday, May 27, 20142:00 pm
Gog and Magog triangles Philippe Biane (Université Paris-Est)Friday, April 25, 20143:30 pm
Cohomological invariants of algebraic groups Alexander Merkurjev (UCLA)Friday, August 30, 20133:30 pm
Familles d'algèbres de quaternions et d'octonions. Philippe Gille (Ecole normale supérieure, Paris)Friday, April 5, 20133:30 pm
Free probability and random matrices Alice Guionnet (MIT)Friday, March 1, 20133:30 pm
The Transverse Geometry of Tiling Spaces Jean Bellissard (Georgia Institute of Technology)Friday, April 13, 20123:30 pm
Entropy rigidity for non-positively curved compact manifolds François Ledrappier (University of Notre Dame, USA)Friday, February 10, 20123:30 pm
Aspects of growth in algebra Rostislav Grigorchuk (Texas A&M University)Friday, April 1, 20113:30 pm
Levels of entanglement Nolan Wallach (UCSD)Friday, September 24, 20103:30 pm
Categorification of quantum groups Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University)Friday, April 23, 20103:30 pm
Linear predictability and biological invasions Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)Friday, March 6, 20093:30 pm
An epidemic treatment model with drug resistance Fred Brauer (Wisconsin-Madison / University of British Columbia)Friday, February 13, 20093:30 pm
Asymptotic properties of finite groups and finite dimensional algebras Efim Zelmanov (University of California, San Diego)Friday, September 19, 20083:30 pm
Freeness, von Neumann algebras and matricial microstates Ken Dykema (Texas A&M)Thursday, November 8, 20073:30 pm
Asymptotic Geometric Analysis; Geometrization of Probability Vitali Milman (Tel-Aviv University)Friday, September 21, 20073:30 pm
Eigenvalue problem and a new product in cohomology of flag varieties Shrawan Kumar (University of North Carolina)Friday, April 13, 20073:30 pm
Algebraic relativism: encoding the higher structure of morphisms Kathryn Hess (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)Friday, February 23, 20073:30 pm
Coupled Systems: Theory and Examples Marty Golubitsky (University of Houston)Friday, April 28, 20063:30 pm
Putting a Match to Square Ice Georgia Benkart (University of Wisconsin-Madison)Friday, March 24, 20063:30 pm
Algebraic Topology as a Tool for the Analysis of High-Dimensional Data Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University)Friday, February 10, 20063:30 pm
Cocycles and cocycle categories Rick Jardine (University of Western Ontario)Friday, October 21, 20053:30 pm
Why Are Multidimensional Conservation Laws So Difficult? Barbara Lee Keyfitz (University of Houston)Friday, September 10, 20043:30 pm
Splitting of Abelian varieties -- a new local/global problem V. Kumar Murty (University of Toronto)Friday, February 13, 20043:30 pm
La percolation, le modèle d'Ising et le groupe symétrique Robert P. Langlands (Institude for Advanced Study, Princeton)Friday, January 16, 20043:30 pm
Aperiodic Order: dynamical systems and diffraction Robert V. Moody (University of Alberta and BIRS)Thursday, October 9, 20033:00 pm

CRM - conference

Categorification and geometric representation theory Joel Kamnitzer, Anthony Licata, Alistair Savage, Ben WebsterJune 9, 2014 to June 13, 2014
73rd Algebra Day - University of Ottawa Hadi SalmasianMay 27, 2014
Lie Theory and Mathematical Physics Terry Gannon, Michael Lau, Erhard Neher and Masato OkadoMay 19, 2014 to May 23, 2014
Algebra Day Alistair SavageApril 6, 2013
69th Algebra Day Erhard NeherApril 14, 2012
68th Algebra Day Hadi SalmasianApril 9, 2011
CRM Afternoon 3:00-5:30pm Kirill ZainoullineNovember 5, 2010
66th Algebra Day Erhard Neher, Kirill ZaynullinApril 24, 2010
Third Lie Day Hadi Salmasian and Alistair SavageApril 23, 2010
Introduction to infinite-dimensional topological groups Vladimir Pestov (University of Ottawa), Matthias Neufang (Carleton University)September 2, 2008 to September 3, 2008
62nd Algebra Day Alistair SavageApril 5, 2008
Algebra Day Erhard Neher, Michel RacineMarch 31, 2007
58th Algebra Day E. NeherMay 6, 2006
56th Algebra Day M. RacineApril 9, 2005
Lie Theory Workshop Erhard Neher, Wulf RossmannMarch 5, 2005 to March 6, 2005
54th Algebra Day E. NeherMay 1, 2004 to May 2, 2004
Lie Day December 2003 Erhard NeherDecember 20, 2003
60e Colloque des Sciences Mathématiques du Québec Damien Roy, Michel RacineOctober 4, 2003